Singapore: Day 3

My friend and his brothers had promised to play at Universal Studios Singapore (on Sentosa Island) with their cousin during her visit. Guess who went as well?

The front gates to FUN!

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Working at an amusement park for a summer [Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, 2005] ruins all the magic from other theme parks as well. Coupled with a growing dislike for roller-coasters… it would be fair to say I wasn’t the happiest camper around. Express line tickets made it a much more bearable trip though — if you’re not strapped for cash, the VIP tickets are worth every extra dollar.

The franchises featured in USS are Shrek, The Mummy, Transformers, Jurassic Park and Madagascar (with a couple of areas featuring idealized Hollywood/New York decor). As a disillusioned adult, I have to say The Mummy and the Transformers areas were the best, in terms of aesthetics and the main attraction rides.

Ancient Egypt-ish

Earth, 2130 AD

My aversion to roller coasters did not prevent me from being dragged onto most of them. Of course, the two most intense — Transformers: the Ultimate 3D Battle, and Revenge of the Mummy — ended up being the most enjoyable to everyone in the group. The Mummy ride was very scary though; I was too chicken to handle it, and had my eyes closed for most of the ride. The 3D graphics for the Transformers ride were really good; it was easily my favourite ride in the whole park.

Optimus Prime?

Everyone in the group had plans after 5 PM, so HZ and I split off for dinner elsewhere on Sentosa Island. I didn’t know this before, but McDonald’s runs a special campaign during Chinese New Year, with the Prosperity burger and curly fries. YES, curly fries!!  [R.I.P. Arby’s…]

The burger was decent too!

But before that, there was luge-racing on the other end of Sentosa. That was so much hands-on fun that I didn’t get the chance to take pictures on the way down. If only I had a third arm… or a helmet camera. I would go back to Sentosa for that ride (also, to beat HZ in a rematch).

Afterwards, we followed the crowds heading back to Singapore. At VivoCity Mall, we headed to the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar that I had read reviews about — I’m so glad I found it!

So good!

I have a fairly large sweet tooth; so this was instantly a happy place for me. The smell of melting chocolate wafted towards us as soon as we sat down (we sat near the counter, next to a window). A look at the extensive menu alone made my mouth water — so many chocolate-smothered items to choose from! We eventually settled on the DIY “Suckao” hot chocolate and a taster set — tiramisu ice-cream, strawberry sauce, iced chocolate shot, and the Max Brenner signature Chocolate Soufflé.

Hot Chocolate in the making


As soon as we cut into the soufflé, warm chocolate sauce came oozing out… and that was the end of any attempt to take pictures. I was too busy fending off HZ’s fork while eating my share of the delicious chocolate!

That’s it for Day 3!

Things I’ve learned: 
  • Asian McDonald’s are infinitely better than their North American counterparts.
  • I love chocolate bars. And soufflés. So, so much love~