Flashback Chronicles: Curtin University projects

This was about four months ago now, but I “recently” bought a second external hard-drive. My HP laptop (yeah, I know) had been showing signs of old age for some time now, so I panicked and got a 2 TB external a year ago. Thankfully, my laptop is still stuttering along, but I’ve since developed the habit of transferring everything into the external straight away.

Then, earlier this year, HZ told me his laptop had suddenly died. He hadn’t backed up his stuff either; which was scary. If it had been me, and something had happened to my external HD, I would’ve been in big trouble too. There are a lot of irreplaceable photos on it, and re-downloading 1.5 terabytes’ worth of music, movies, and anime would’ve been a terrifically huge pain. So I rushed out to buy a second external HD (a Buffalo 3TB one)!

Copying everything over is rather tedious...

Copying everything over is so tedious…

Unfortunately, I found out soon after that transferring 1.5 TB from one external HD to another takes a very long time, so for my sanity (and for my poor laptop’s sake) I’ve been copying my data over in small batches whenever I’m not busy. Today, I finally got to the folders with all of my schoolwork and pictures from my exchange term at Curtin University (in Perth, Australia).

Talk about a trip down memory lane! This is where I met HZ, AN, JH, JK, and the rest of the gang. To think that we would still be friends after all this time and distance!

Fooling around in the studio

Hooray for 21st century technology!

At the time, being an exchange student was hard work — the culture shock, the jet-lag, the learning curve (Advertising), and an entirely different curriculum (Photography). But now that I think back, it was so much fun too — living in dorms close to one another, buying groceries and cooking together, working after midnight in the Architecture building, pulling my friends into the studios to help me with my projects…

Going into the city together

Going into the city together

I guess it’s true what they say — you don’t appreciate your youth until you get older.

 Some of my work from Curtin:


The studio shots were centered around the idea of catching people in mid-conversation — the expressions would be each person’s most genuine “face”, and one that would be frequently seen by everyone except for the person himself/herself.

Other still-life projects…

For Advertising, a final animatic for a TV commercial for a specific company (in my case, eBay). It’s supposed to be just a rough idea, but now that I watch it again, I think I could’ve spent more time refining the “rain” part… Ah well…

Next year marks the 5th anniversary for this “Curtin family”, haha. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all one day go back to Australia…?