About Me

Momiji Leaves

Hi, I’m Gloria!

I grew up and studied in Toronto, Canada. I graduated from an art school, but also with a year of Intensive Introductory Japanese under my belt. This led me to Japan and the JET Programme soon after — thanks to which, I stayed in Mie Prefecture for three years. Now, I’m working and enjoying life in the city of Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture!

I’m completely in love with Kyoto and Singapore; I think Kansai-ben is better than Kanto-ben; and I travel to satisfy my inner history geek whenever I can. このブログを お楽しみください!

For more Instagram pictures, look here.

For information about Mie Prefecture, there is a guidebook largely written by JETs, and some JETs have set up a group blog as well!

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