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A New Hobby

I’m getting used to urban life again, but there are still some moments when I do double-takes. For example, a couple of nights ago a colleague and I went for ramen at a… Continue reading

I’m still alive!

It will take a full 20 days after my arrival in Kobe to set-up my internet – the horror (I’m currently updating this from Starbucks). To keep myself from going insane with disconnection,… Continue reading

Flashback Chronicles: Curtin University projects

This was about four months ago now, but I “recently” bought a second external hard-drive. My HP laptop (yeah, I know) had been showing signs of old age for some time now, so I… Continue reading

Flashback Chronicles: Goodbye, Adidas

I’ve been feeling a bit moody and restless lately (yes, I’m procrastinating on editing 300+ pictures from my Korea trip, again). With the sudden return of warmer weather a few weeks ago, I’ve… Continue reading

Small Summer Adventures

Just a quick note that I made a guest post over at Mie is Cool! blog, about my summer fun times on the beach and watching fireworks in my home prefecture. Check it… Continue reading

Informal Review: Olympus OM-D & 45mm f1.8 Prime

I’ve been meaning to write a bit about the camera I use for most of the posts here (other than my iPhone 4S) — my Olympus OM-D EM-5. I got it with the… Continue reading

Anticipating Sakura

[pictured above: Sakura near my school gates, 2012] — Just a quick post to mention an upcoming event: it’s cherry blossom season soon!!  For anyone who is in Japan this spring, the weather map countdown… Continue reading

Happy Anniversary!

— Just a quick post to commemorate momiji * diary‘s 1st birthday! Yay!!! I still can’t believe it’s almost been an entire year since my very first post. I originally started this blog in… Continue reading

Daruma-dera in Suzuka, and a kyudo update

This blog has been (so far) focused on my visits outside of Mie Prefecture, which is a bit of a lapse on my part, because there are some awesome things about my home… Continue reading

Anticipating “Koyo”

Anyone who has ever looked at art or poetry from Japan has probably noticed the large amount of attention Japanese people pay to nature and the passing of seasons. The weather patterns and… Continue reading

The Changing of Seasons

The air has gotten chillier recently. The most recent typhoon miraculously blew away the summer’s humidity in one single weekend, and it’s been glorious ever since — the sun, though bright, no longer burns; the… Continue reading

JLPT & upcoming Osaka weekend

Lately, my evenings and free time at work have been filled with studying. I can study even more at work this week, because the students are cramming for tests on Thursday and Friday… Continue reading


I have a bit of a weakness for visiting temples and shrines in Japan. Not so much for the kami or for the Buddha/bodhisattvas the buildings are dedicated to (although the architecture is certainly… Continue reading

A cool summer day

There was an incredibly loud storm on Monday, with the subsequent effect of the humidity lowering itself to almost nothing yesterday. The wind was cool, the sun was around but not too bright… Continue reading

Winter in my Neighbourhood

I have been faced with a lot of free time recently, so I shall work on creating a proper, updated account of my days here in Japan. For the inaugural post, I will… Continue reading