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Hanami in Shukugawa & Osaka

Before I catch up with some overdue posts, I wanted to upload these to celebrate what has turned out to be a very resilient sakura season — despite almost 4 straight days of… Continue reading

Day and night in Arashiyama

(Disclaimer: the two sets of photos were not taken on the same day…)  Back in 2015, I had the opportunity to meet my cousin and his wife while they were touring around Japan.… Continue reading

Kanazawa + Tokyo, Part 2: Around Tokyo with LK (+ extras)!

Continuing from my last post, in June of last year I met up with my long-time friend LK. We only had ~12 hours together, so we tried to maximize our time and went all… Continue reading

Kanazawa + Tokyo, Part 1: Day Trip Detour to Kanazawa

Back in June of this year, my long-time friend LK told me he would be visiting Japan and Hong Kong with his family, and I immediately requested a day of his time in… Continue reading

Visiting (the new-and-improved) Himeji Castle

Back in May this year, a few friends and I went to visit the renovated Himeji Castle, which had re-opened in March to cherry blossoms and great media coverage. We had hoped delaying our… Continue reading

Monkeys and a Castle in Nagano Prefecture

I’m loving working at a British international school, in part because the yearly calendar is very reminiscent of the ones I grew up with (the new school year begins in late August and ends in… Continue reading

Kobe Luminarie 2014

About two weeks ago, I ventured out on a weeknight to the annual Kobe Luminarie light festival. In the early morning hours of January 17th, 1995, the Great Hanshin Earthquake struck the Kansai… Continue reading

A Pre-Wedding Shoot in Soraku-en

Meet my friends G and her fiancé, C!     G and I both started work in Kobe at the same time this past August, and we bonded from day one (she’s also… Continue reading

Rokko Island

About a month ago, I made an afternoon trip to the nearby Rokko Island with my colleague, NG. It’s one of two major artificial islands in Kobe area, and was mainly constructed for… Continue reading

Sakura in Kyoto, 2014

After the grand production last year, I really wanted to do a low-key hanami this time around. Last year, I didn’t make it to Kyoto in time before the sakura fell, so this trip… Continue reading

48 Hours in Yokohama + Tokyo

Back in late February, there was a two-day JET conference in Yokohama that I attended. If you are in the JET Programme, you’ll know exactly which one I’m talking about. For the uninitiated… Continue reading

Sakura Grand Tour 2013: Tottori

Finally! The incredibly long-delayed post about Tottori! I’d wondered often over the past 6 months why writing about Tottori needed so much effort from me. Maybe it was because at the end of… Continue reading

Sakura Grand Tour 2013: Miyajima

Picking up from where I left off in the last post, I was on the way to Miyajima with PL and her parents. Thankfully the weather on this day was absolutely perfect —… Continue reading

Sakura Grand Tour 2013: Hiroshima

Tokyo and Hiroshima are separated by a little more than 500 miles (approx. 805 kilometres); according to Google Maps, it’s a 9 and 1/2 hours drive one way. I don’t have a Japanese… Continue reading

Sakura Grand Tour 2013: Nikko

Nikko, in Tochigi Prefecture, is famous for two things: it’s the location of several beautiful waterfalls, and it’s the site of the mausoleum dedicated to the first and third shoguns of the great… Continue reading

Sakura Grand Tour 2013: Tokyo

I’ve really been dragging my feet with this series of posts; I’m 3 months behind (wow). Partly because life-in-real-time hasn’t been nice to me lately — but mostly because I’ve been very indecisive… Continue reading

Hatsumode, Chinese New Year, and Skiing

This post has been a long time in coming — in fact, this is actually a compilation of three mini-posts: my hatsumode (first shrine visit of the new year) to Ise Grand Shrine… Continue reading

Highlighting Nature: Winter Illuminations 2012

One of the things I like about Japan is the way they really pay attention to the seasons. In spring there is hanami, in summer there are festivals and fireworks, and in fall… Continue reading

Daruma-dera in Suzuka, and a kyudo update

This blog has been (so far) focused on my visits outside of Mie Prefecture, which is a bit of a lapse on my part, because there are some awesome things about my home… Continue reading

Relaxing in Gifu

November 23rd was a public holdiay, and thus the perfect weekend for the annual teachers’ trip at my middle school. Last year we went to Shizuoka, but this year we went somewhere closer… Continue reading