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S. Korea: The island of Jeju

I’m alive, and back with the last post in the South Korea series! This one also has a lot of pictures! Lots of new things will be coming soon, but I’m glad I… Continue reading

S. Korea: We ate so much in Seoul…

Wow, I didn’t realize until I started uploading, but there are exactly 100 photos in this post. Eep. To make things easier for you (and for me), feel free to use the page… Continue reading

S. Korea: Modern Seoul

For all my griping about the boys being more interested in shopping and eating, I must admit I bought my fair share of products too (about half of which were cosmetics and skin… Continue reading

S. Korea: Traditional Seoul (also, skiing!)

In my travels around Asia from my home base in Japan, the flight to Korea was the shortest. Two-hour flights are really the best — I didn’t need to rush to KIX in… Continue reading