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Internet Find: Mapping with Twitter

I’m taking a short break before going back to creating the last two (overdue) posts of my Grand Tour. In the meantime, I wanted to share something cool I found online a while… Continue reading

Internet Find: Love Letter

Because this was too good not to share (happy belated Love&Chocolate Day, everyone!): — How easily you now live without me; how awkwardly and clumsily and foolishly I live without you. I hope… Continue reading

A Dream

I recently stumbled across some haiku from Japanese photographer Kawauchi Rinko. Until now I’d never realized she sometimes paired her photographs with poetry — I had only briefly looked at her work while researching for my… Continue reading

Youtube Finds: Short Animations

I’m subscribed to a few interesting people on Twitter (@brainpicker is a favourite), and sometimes the topics I browse through pique my curiosity enough that I Google for more of the same. These… Continue reading

Looking forward to spring…

Time for an update! I barely posted anything about my winter trip over on Facebook, with the intent of sharing it on here instead. But somehow it turned out into a long tale that took… Continue reading