Taipei, Summer 2013: Things Eaten

Yay, I’ve managed to eventually finish this (let’s not count how many months ago this trip happened…). One of the main attractions of Taiwan (and many other countries in Asia) is undoubtedly the… Continue reading

Taipei, Summer 2013: Things Done

I talked a little about how I over-prepared for this trip in my last post, so I wanted to show exactly how much effort I put into the preparations. How did people go… Continue reading

Taipei, Summer 2013: Things Seen

Ah, Taipei… where to begin? I had never been to Taiwan before this summer, and I had never been to a country where I couldn’t speak the language/without a local friend either. In… Continue reading

Sakura Grand Tour 2013: Tottori

Finally! The incredibly long-delayed post about Tottori! I’d wondered often over the past 6 months why writing about Tottori needed so much effort from me. Maybe it was because at the end of… Continue reading

Small Summer Adventures

Just a quick note that I made a guest post over at Mie is Cool! blog, about my summer fun times on the beach and watching fireworks in my home prefecture. Check it… Continue reading

Informal Review: Olympus OM-D & 45mm f1.8 Prime

I’ve been meaning to write a bit about the camera I use for most of the posts here (other than my iPhone 4S) — my Olympus OM-D EM-5. I got it with the… Continue reading

Sakura Grand Tour 2013: Miyajima

Picking up from where I left off in the last post, I was on the way to Miyajima with PL and her parents. Thankfully the weather on this day was absolutely perfect —… Continue reading

Internet Find: Mapping with Twitter

I’m taking a short break before going back to creating the last two (overdue) posts of my Grand Tour. In the meantime, I wanted to share something cool I found online a while… Continue reading

Sakura Grand Tour 2013: Hiroshima

Tokyo and Hiroshima are separated by a little more than 500 miles (approx. 805 kilometres); according to Google Maps, it’s a 9 and 1/2 hours drive one way. I don’t have a Japanese… Continue reading

Sakura Grand Tour 2013: Nikko

Nikko, in Tochigi Prefecture, is famous for two things: it’s the location of several beautiful waterfalls, and it’s the site of the mausoleum dedicated to the first and third shoguns of the great… Continue reading

Sakura Grand Tour 2013: Tokyo

I’ve really been dragging my feet with this series of posts; I’m 3 months behind (wow). Partly because life-in-real-time hasn’t been nice to me lately — but mostly because I’ve been very indecisive… Continue reading

Singapore: Food, and…food!

By rights, this shouldn’t warrant its own post — I was only in Singapore this time for less than 48 hours total (spread out over 4 nights and 1 day, due to layovers).… Continue reading

Thailand: Phuket and Ko Phi Phi

Following our time in Vietnam, HZ, JH, and I continued onto the southern part of Thailand! Writing this now, I don’t remember what our reasons were for going to Thailand. Perhaps because I… Continue reading

Vietnam: Da Nang and the Middle Region

— As mentioned in my last Vietnam post, we — HZ, JH, JH’s sister CW, and I — were joining a 5-day tour to the middle region of Vietnam. The tour took us… Continue reading

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, Part Two

Ho Chi Minh City is a bustling city with (according to Wiki) around 9 million inhabitants. While I can’t judge the accuracy of this (having avoided several districts entirely), at certain times of… Continue reading

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, Part One

Finally, the start of my long-overdue series about my trip to Vietnam and Thailand! — A quick disclaimer — I had a local friend, JH, whose family kindly hosted HZ and I while… Continue reading

Anticipating Sakura

[pictured above:Β SakuraΒ near my school gates, 2012] — Just a quick post to mention an upcoming event: it’s cherry blossom season soon!!Β  For anyone who is in Japan this spring, the weather map countdown… Continue reading

Hatsumode, Chinese New Year, and Skiing

This post has been a long time in coming — in fact, this is actually a compilation of three mini-posts: my hatsumode (first shrine visit of the new year) to Ise Grand Shrine… Continue reading

Internet Find: Love Letter

Because this was too good not to share (happy belated Love&Chocolate Day, everyone!): — How easily you now live without me; how awkwardly and clumsily and foolishly I live without you. I hope… Continue reading

Highlighting Nature: Winter Illuminations 2012

One of the things I like about Japan is the way they really pay attention to the seasons. In spring there is hanami, in summer there are festivals and fireworks, and in fall… Continue reading