Malaysia: Day 3

We may have woken up from the noise of other groups departingΒ the guesthouse, but it was the prospect of strawberries and scones for breakfast that got us out of bed. A few of… Continue reading

Malaysia: Day 2

Our day began early, as it would take us a few hours to reach Cameron Highlands. We had planned to travel to Cameron and Georgetown, Penang over the New Year weekend — spending… Continue reading

Malaysia: Day 1

As stated in Day 4Β in Singapore, HZ and I were flying at night to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The flight was only an hour, but it took us less than 5 minutes to fall… Continue reading

Singapore: Day 5.5 + 6

I love flying in half-empty flights. It’s bad for the environment, but it makes traveling less stressful — there’s not as many strangers sitting close to me, invading my personal space and testing… Continue reading

Singapore: Day 5

Being on JET means getting a chance to meet people from other countries working in the same prefecture as you. That is certainly true for me — V, one of the people I… Continue reading

Singapore: Day 4

This “day” was only half a day — HZ and I were scheduled to fly to Kuala Lumpur that night, so we only had the morning and afternoon to go around. Between the… Continue reading

Singapore: Day 3

My friend and his brothers had promised to play at Universal Studios Singapore (on Sentosa Island) with their cousin during her visit. Guess who went as well? To be honest, I wasn’t exactly… Continue reading

Singapore: Day 2

It was Christmas Day. But of course, Singapore doesn’t have a winter season, nor any overwhelming desire to care about Western traditions. So all stores were open, and it was just another day… Continue reading

Singapore: Day 1

As I sit here, shivering under my kotatsuΒ in the middle of a chilly Japanese winter, I can’t help but think back to the warmth and humidity of the winter vacation I’ve just came… Continue reading

Winter in my Neighbourhood

I have been faced with a lot of free time recently, so I shall work on creating a proper, updated account of my days here in Japan. For the inaugural post, I will… Continue reading